It’s the Small Things

It’s the small things we tend to take for granted. In March 2022, Gina and Casey, ages 23 and 25 respectively, were sleeping in their car parking wherever they felt safe. They learned about A Place to Stay and enrolled in case management, setting and achieving goals. Having been unhoused for a period of time, essential documentation had been lost; A Place to Stay was able to assist with obtaining those documents to find jobs as well as obtain other necessary assistance to stabilize. A partnership with a local church and a laundry facility enabled them to have showers and clean clothes. Now having documentation, they were able to receive SNAP and other benefits. Some medication had to be refrigerated. Forced to be creative, a cooler and ice were purchased to hold the medication. In the winter months, sleeping bags were provided. It’s been a tough 20 months, in and out of motel rooms, searching for resources, all the while trying to hold down a job, occasionally needing assistance with gas. Both have medical issues, but with high hopes of getting their own home, each continued to work. As finances permitted, they took refuge in a motel room for a night or two, but in order to save money, these respites were few and far between. Today, I am thrilled to report Gina and Casey are HOUSED!