Spread The Word

We can't end homelessness in Blount County without your help

Only as partners can we end homelessness in Blount County. YOU are invited to be a partner!

Spread the word about our neighbors experiencing homelessness. Spread the word about our neighbors who are Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (A.L.I.C.E.) who are one crisis away from experiencing homelessness. Share stories about how A Place to Stay is partnering with others so that our neighbors are no longer unhoused.

Volunteer, be a part of fundraising events, or Street Outreach Service Days, invite others to attend events, invite your faith community or business to become involved, share your skills, and give a monetary gift.

You are invited to learn about the housing needs in Blount County, about who our neighbors experiencing homelessness are in Blount County, about the housing first model, and about the ways our neighbors can move from experiencing homelessness to transitional, permanent supportive, or permanent housing.

Share Our Story

A Place to Stay began with a community concern for our neighbors and in partnership with neighbors, non-profit organizations, faith communities, and businesses, and is addressing these concerns in practical ways, while never forgetting to move towards ending homelessness in Blount County. Invite someone from APTS to share our story with your community or faith based organization or business.


Here are some “talking points”:

A Place to Stay is the entry point to services for neighbors in Blount County, Tennessee, who are experiencing homelessness. In partnership with our unhoused neighbor and other community agencies, organizations, and businesses, we coordinate services and provide support to our neighbor in efforts to remove barriers to housing.

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When you meet a neighbor, hear their story, and sense that APTS may be able to partner with them, you can connect them with A Place to Stay. When you read a social media post in which someone is struggling with housing-based needs, refer them to APTS. When your organization, business, or faith community is looking for ways to partner with neighbors to address needs, invite them to contact and partner with A Place to Stay.