What a Lot of People Need

Damin is presently unhoused.  

As he tells his story of being overwhelmed by the recent death of his mother and now sleeping in a tent without financial resources and access to emergency shelter, his words are interrupted by his soft cries and the wiping away of his tears.   
“I just can’t seem to stop crying,” Damin admits.  “I am alone, and I feel afraid.”

He expresses gratitude for those who unhoused themselves and how they often give out of their lack. He jokingly says they taught a “city boy” how to make it in a tent or survive the cold.

Reflecting on his experience, Damin says it is easy to judge people like him. When you see someone homeless, you might think certain things about them, but “they just need what a lot of people need – they just need love.”

Support of A Place to Stay can help Damin and others find their way home.