Welcome Home, Neighbor

Meet “Nina”; she became situationally unhoused when her home began to separate as a result of a sinkhole rendering the home uninhabitable. With no insurance, she was unable to make costly repairs. When Nina reached out to A Place to Stay, she had been living in and working out of her car. During the hot summer days, she parked in the mountains, taking advantage of the cooler air; in the evening, she parked wherever she thought she might remain safe. Nina had few barriers and was primarily self-sufficient. However, lack of affordable housing and a costly rent deposit prevented her from obtaining housing. A landlord heard Nina’s story, reached out to A Place to Stay to connect, and was willing to work with her. With funds she had been saving and A Place to Stay and Good Neighbors partnering with the landlord to provide a rent deposit, Nina received the key to her new home. In following up with Nina and her landlord, both are happy and doing well. Welcome home, Nina.