Very Nearly Housed

 A Place to Stay (APTS) has been working with an individual who is taking all the right action steps to permanent housing, but we have some exceptional hurdles to overcome. She must find a home within her budget and that is easily accessible due to mobility issues. She has an opportunity and desires to work, but her vehicle is now inoperable, and she is in danger of losing her motel room in which she’s resided for more than a year. Motel rooms run from $70/night to more than $150/night; these are not luxury rooms. Her current situation subjects her to social isolation and depression. APTS has been working with community partners for several months to help our neighbor stabilize and become self-sufficient, but we are in danger of losing ground. The housing market has not cooperated and emergency and transitional shelters have remained at capacity. There are so many resources available to get her to the finish line, but they are out of reach. Already displaced, the motel she has been “living” in will be partially closing for renovations. We’re anticipating more neighbors to serve when this happens. Please consider helping our neighbors by partnering with A Place to Stay.